70's Snack Foods

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Screaming Yellow Zonkers.
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  • Pringles were a new snack concept, and only came in one flavour whilst dorito's had been out for awhile but introduced the new nacho cheese flavour.

    Does anyone else remember 1-2-3 jello? I think it came out in the late 60's but continued strong into the 70's. I especially liked the strawberry flavour!

    That horrid cheese in a can was, I think , a total 70's innovation. I can recall having it on ritz crackers with my friend as we watched Love American style.
    • I loved Carnation Breakfast Bars...those were the best!

      And I still get giddy over Screaming Yellow Zonkers...I know how to make them!
      • I don't remember the breakfast bars, but I do remember Carnation Instant Breakfast. Gooooood stuff... and jam packed with sugar!
        • MMM HMMM...Yummy stuff!

          I remember food sticks! I was goiong to write bout them too, but I didn't know what they were called till Spidra posted...

          AND TANG!! the astronauts drank TANG!! that stuff may as well have been St. Joseph's baby aspirin! I loved that stuff!
          • Koogle! Flavored peanut butter.
            Junket-Had it after my tonsils were removed! Pink Jello
            Hunts snack n' pack pudding cups. WOW if you had that in your lunch bag.
            Zotz..oh I will be here forever.
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      Loved 1-2-3 Jello! Had an older sister that for some reason would always mess it up when she tried to make it(she also tried to make macaroni and cheese buy frying it in a pan). So to this day whenever she tries to make fun of anybody else we just simply look at her and say "1-2-3 Jello?" and it shuts her up immediately. :-)
  • Those muffins that came in a can and you whacked the can against the fireplace and it went POP and then you took out the dough, in very gooey discs, and put them on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven and OH MAN THAT'S GOOD EATIN'. When I want a sentimental journey I still make them. That is why I weigh one million billion pounds.
  • "I loved Carnation Breakfast Bars...those were the best!"

    Definitely! I was so mad when they stopped making them! Grrrr!

    Fizzies tablets. (Sort of like flavored "Alka Seltzer" tablets.) Those were fun. I can't remember how they tasted, though...

    I *REALLY* miss Hostess "Banana Dreams". Mmmmmmm, yummy! (Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers those!)
    • Banana Dreams, alternative flavor for Suzy-Q's.

      Tang came in grape, too.

      Reggie Bar.

      They make Fizzies these days, too. They came in grape, cherry, and orange, and you dropped them into a glass of sugar flavored with water. The new ones have (ugh) Nutra-Sweet mixed in them, no sugar involved. What's the point?

      "Marathon lasts a good, long time."
      "I've got the fever for the flavor of a Pringles."
      • Banana Dreams were nothing like Suzy-Q's!
        They came in a 2-pack, and had a yellow colored creamy topping on banana flavored 'cups'. (The 'cups' being shaped like the shortcake things you buy to put strawberries on.) *WAY* better than Suzy-Q's could ever be!

        Fizzies were just dropped into water. You weren't supposed to put sugar in the water first. Or did you mean that the fizzies made it a sugar flavored water??

        Yeah, I've tried the newer version of fizzies. They really suck!
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      Were the Carnation Breakfast bars this chocolatey kind of roll, like a softer tootsie roll? I loved those things....
      • ** "Were the Carnation Breakfast bars this chocolatey kind of roll, like a softer tootsie roll?..." ** They were "Bars", not rolls. I remember there being a chocolate flavored one, that was sort of like a frosted brownie. That was the only flavor I bought. They were sold in a box. I don't remember how many came in a box.
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    bugles, wise potato chips, ho-ho's, good n plenty candy, creamsicles, peanut butter and jelly mixed in the same jar, marshmellow topping.
    • Quisp cereal

      King Vitamin cereal

      Moonstones Cereal (Moonstones... taste like fruit of the moon!").

      Freakies Cereal

      Razzles candy

      Abazaba candy bar


      Wrapples (a sheet of carmel to wrap around apples)

      Thick N' Frosty Shakes

      Wyler's Drink Mixes

      Taco Flovored Doritos

      Astro Pops (lollipops shaped like a rocket – multi-colored and each color had it’s own flavor)


      Ayds Diet Candy (best to eat while drinking Tab – gross!)

      Oke Doke cheese popcorn

      Now & Laters

      Wacky Packs

      Freshen Up Game (The gum that goes squirt. This was a square piece of chewing gum that had a juicy center.)


      Big Mouth Bubblegum (I think it was called BIG MOUTH >Big Smiley Face Bubble Gum This may have been superbubble, it came in a large plank,on the large wax paper wrapping it had a smiley face. It came in regular, green apple and grape.)

      Caravelle Candy Bar

      Chocolite Candy Bar

      Koogle (the song went: here comes Koogle with the Koo Koo Koogly'll love Koogle, the crafty nutty surprise.)

      Fruit Stripe Gum

      Lemon Heads

      Lik -a-stik Candy

      Countrytime Lemonade Mix

      Mallow Cups

      Cosmic Candy (which pre-dates pop rocks)

      Fluffernutter sandwiches

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