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In Tulsa Oklahoma it was Mazeppa Pappazoidi's Late Nite Chiller Theatre. He's now known by his real name, Gaylord Sartain of Police Academy fame (the big lard ass). In San Francisco there was "Creature Feature". All across America in the late 60s and early 70s, kids would stay up late with their friends to watch 'Creature from the Black Lagoon', 'Abbot & Costello Meet the Mummy' and many others. But what made these films more fun was the crazy persona of the host. Believe it or not, Gaylord released a 7" record called "Scope Them Turkeys Out" by Mazeppa Pappazoidi and the Kazoo Symphony Orchestra!!! It has loops from horror films and a crazy wha-wha guitar ala Zappa!!! at the end the song just skips the groove until he says "Why don't you just get up and flip that record over"!! Genius. Share your childhood late night fun facts.....
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DJ Neel
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  • I was living in Milwaukee as a kid and the Sat. night horror program was called "Creature Features" or "Shock Theatre" (I moved at age 10 from Chicago so one place had CF and one had ST). The guy who hosted it in Milwaukee was a fella named Jack Du Blon, who played "Dr. Cadaverino." his assistant was a "headless" Igor, who really could have been anybody and probably was from week to week.

    Du Blon was also a puppetteer. Believe it or not, one of his puppets, Albert the Alley Cat did the weather for years on the newscasts for WITI-TV Channel 6 in Milwaukee.

    He's since passed on but you can Google the name and find lots of info about him.

  • Creature Features? I do, I do!!
    Bob Wilkins here in the East Bay (CA).
    Boy, I miss this show. *sniff sniff*
    • I actually saw Bob Wilkins at a Star Trek convention I went to back in the 70s. I even got his autograph, even though I wasn't really into "horror"/creature movies. Nice guy.

      Is Bob still alive? I think we would have heard if he had passed on.
      • Hmm...interesting. I thought I'd see if Bob Wilkins was on IMDb (-he is: -), and found this info. under his listing:

        "Plot Summary for
        American Scary (2006)
        American Scary is a look at the nation's tradition of horror hosting, from Ghoulardi to Ghoul-A-Go-Go. Follow this American folk art form from its glamorous beginnings, through repeated waves of popularity, to its scrappy resurgence and survival in the age of cable access and the Internet."

        Odd thing is, it seems to have just about anyone you can think of, except Elvira. I wonder why she's not included... ? (I notice "Vampira" is in the cast. Perhaps that is why? *mrowr, hiss, snarl* )
        • I did like Elvira, plus she played some good craptacular films . Unfortunately Vampira sued her and lost her case, which cast fans VS. fans. Maybe this is one of those cases of karmic retribution on a big busted skinny waist horror hostess that happens to be a Vampire, and said she dated James Dean and aid she knew why he died causing grave personality crisis and hisses from misses (because she posed for publicity pictures on his grave!)!
          • Actually, I posted asking about it on the Amercan Scary message board (on IMDb) on 3/31, and just got a reply:

            My post:
            Subject: No Elvira/Cassandra Peterson??
            Anyone have a clue why? Is it perhaps because they have "Vampira" in it, and Vampira still thinks that Elvira stole her character/act? (Maybe trying to avaoid a cat fight?? )

            "No, it's because Elvira's people never responded to our requests for interviews. We have several people in the film talking *about* her, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, she or her handlers never responded to us.

            John Hudgens
            Director, American Scary

            It's nice to know she is at least mentioned. It looks like it might be interesting to see.

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