Favorite kids morning show?

topic posted Sat, June 18, 2005 - 10:02 PM by  Missa
I used to LOVE the Romper Room! What do you remember watching?

(On the weekends it was Sigmund & the Seamonster and later on Land of the Lost)
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Los Angeles
  • Um, Captian Kangaroo, thank you very much!

    And for all you Seattle 70's you remember JP Patches?
    • We had Checkers & Pogo where I grew up. But I've been in Seattle enough years that I know *of* JP Patches. :)
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        the Wallas and Ladmo show, yep i grew up in Phoenix
        • I got a Ladmo Bag once...
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            you know most peaple dont know this but The Wallace and Ladmo show won an Emmy Award for best children's television series in the 80s, not bad for a local Phoenix program.
            also it ran for over 40 years.
            it was so sad when Ladmo past away, A budy of mine sent me a tape of the news broadcasts and tributes from TV5.
            it was like a part of AZ culture had died with him.

            If your ever in Phoenix you can learn more about this program from the Az histoy center in Tempe.
            • One of the longest running TV shows ever... I remember going with my sister to see Wallace and Ladmo play at Legend City. I really loved Marshall Good and Captain Super.

              In high school, I sat next to Pat McMahon's daughter in a few classes. I never gor up the courage to ask her how she felt about her dad dressing up in the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit.

              Best theme song ever - written by Mike Condello

              "Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha..."

              They put on a stage show a few years ago where they recreated a Wallace and Ladmo show. My friends from Phoenix told me about it and I was very tempted to make the trip out just to see it.

      • Poor me the 70s kid...every year I dropped hints to my parents about how they read kids' bdays on the air on JP PAtches...and EVERY YEAR I watched in vain, waiting for my name to be read before George of the Jungle aired for the day...

        Never happened. Scarred for life.
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    Land of the Lost rocked. Old school Superfriends with Wendy and Super marv.
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      Oh yea! Land of the Lost. I had the biggest crush on that dude. I felt sorry for the actors. Having to wear the same outfit show after show. I also likes Shazam, Space1999...Now ya got me thinkin'...Oh! Greatest American Hero........The Incredible Hulk.
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        Captain Kangaroo rocked.

        Mr. Greenjeans was like Bond to me (as in Sean Connery not the wanna be's) too cool
        • I had something of a crush on Mr Greenjeans...

          Does anyone remember when Mr. Greenjeans and Kermit the Frog sang, "It Ain't Easy Being Green"? Which show did they sing that on? Capt. Kangaroo or the Muppets? It was darling!
          • Any 70s Bay Area kid has got to remember Charlie and Humphrey (I forget, was it a horse and a squirrel? Or was it an owl??). You'll also remember that other Pat McCormick favorite: "Dialing For Dollars". I always scribbled down the numbers and waited anxiously by the phone for his call.

            He never once phoned.

            • Humphrey was a DOG!! (Did you *really* watch them?) Don't forget Pussyfoot, the classical piano-playing tabby cat.

              Bay Area question: Does anyone else remember Marshall J.? (I only barely remember him. He came to a local grocery store once, and signed autographs. He signed my hand, and my mom got a pic. of it.)
              How about Captain Satellite?
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    -The Land of Frooz
    -Davey and Goliath (a trainwreck show- horrifying, especially to a little Jewish kid, but couldn't look away...)
    -Spider Man cartoon
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    depends on the age ..but i remember johnny quest and the jetsons on sat. morn , bullwinkle, yogi bear, popeye, roadrunner.
    real young-romper room and capt kangaroo and mr. rogers neighborhood cause i was from pittsbirgh.!
  • I still remember the song, "sigmund the sea monster and johnny and scott are friends." The red headed kid was Jody from family affair.

    Was romper room the one with the lady who would look thru an empty hand held mirror and say, I see Missa and Brandy and Karen....(whatever kids were there)?
  • I love the Groovie Ghoulies (Archies spin-off featuring Sabrina the Witch), Josie & The Pussycats, The Archies, Lidsville & Lancelot Link Secret Chimp. I also have all of the soundtracks on vinyl! The Lancelot Link record was produced by Steve Barri who did the Grassroots' records; Josie & The Pussycats featured the singing voice of Cheryl Ladd pre-Charlie's Angels! You can get a 2 disc set of Lance Link on DVD : highly recommended!!
    • Hey, that just reminded me that I've got a Groovy Ghoulies video that I've yet to watch. That's being a bad 70's kid in itself, but even worse,I've probably had it for at least 2 years and had more or less forgotten. Well, I need to to do my nails today and usually have trouble sitting still long enough to let the polish dry. So The Groovy Ghoulies will be my assignment for this morning,which being a Saturday will make it even more special & nostalgic!Too bad I don't have any pop tarts or Tang on hand!

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